The Oceanic Steam Navigation Company or The White Star Line as it is commonly known, was one of the most prominent British shipping companies. It is remembered today for its ill-fated luxury liner the Titanic, which sank on the 15th April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg on its maiden voyage. The White Star Line used to give its ships names ending in -ic such as Titanic. It also adopted a distinctive buff-coloured funnel with a black top. The house flag was a red pennant with two tails bearing a five-pointed white star.

Oceanic House, formerly the London offices of the White Star Line, is now the Texas Embassy Steak House (left). It is situated on Cockspur Street, just off Trafalgar Square. On the 10th May 1934 The White Star Line merged with its rival Cunard and until 1949 the company was known as Cunard-White Star. The White Star Line was famous for providing its passengers with every comfort and  even today Cunard liners take pride in their excellent customer care which they still call the White Star Service. On the 15th April each year the White Star Flag is raised on the Queens in memory of the Titanic disaster.